Words with Friends

Remember the times when you used to play games where you had to come up with words like Scrabble? Remember when you came up with a word that instantly got you victory? Now you can play those games again in a more social way. Words with Friend is a social game app where you can play the classic word game with friends with your Android device. Get ready to get wordy with this wonderful game from Zynga.

Words with Friends features the same addictive gameplay that you’ve loved since you were a kid. The game features the option to play up to 20 games at the same time so if your one game is taking a bit long, you can go for another game that’s fast. You can have an in-game chat with friends so you can see how they’re doing or you can psyche them out. It also features the option to play with iPad and iPhone users so it makes it that much easier to expand your circle. You can also match make with random people or with people you know.

Words with Friends is surprisingly easy to use. The design layout is visually appealing so you can get through your options with ease. All the features make it easy for you to play and for everyone else. My only problem with this are the ads. It hampers my experience a bit but it’s still a great game so I’ll give this game app a rate of 4 out 5. 

Keyboard from Gingerbread Free Android Apps


Today’s generation of mobile phones have gone high tech that most of the do not have its own physical keyboard anymore. Instead, what they have are on-screen keyboards. Nonetheless, these too have their own disadvantages paving the way for the Gingerbread Keyboard to be developed. Interestingly, this is a lot better than those that come with the phone itself. It makes entering your text a lot easier. Insertion of smileys and other graphics are just as easier as well.


Google microphone that enables you to enter your text by speaking

New row for number keys

Easy switching of keyboard languages

New cursor arrow that determines if where the new text will be inserted


7/10.  The Gingerbread Keyboard is an android application that made texting a lot easier. It comes with features that provide convenience for the user. The Gingerbread technology continues to evolve but it gets really better every time a new feature is added.


Gingerbread Keyboard is a must have for users of high end mobile phones. Its features have been tested by many users who have also attested to their usefulness and convenience. Come to think of it, why bother typing what you want to say when you can directly have your message heard verbatim?


Free Android Apps

Free Android AppsFree Android Apps

Free Android Apps reviews the top free Android Apps and those ones you might have missed. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you haven’t seen all of the free Android Apps on the Android Market, there’s already so many that they’ve outnumbered the amount of free apps on iTunes. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Android Market

Google Android OS, Android Market has already beaten out iTunes Apps in the amount of free apps that they provide. Some free Android apps are amazing, the ones you want to share with your friends and there are those that you wish you had never downloaded to waste your time to delete them only minutes later. Our free android apps reviews will help you to save those precious minutes and only download the best that the Android Market has to offer.

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